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Fall 2018

sea urchin

Left over stock

    Wenonah 17'6" Escape, Ultralight kevlar, black Aluminum Trim, Retail $2999, Sale $2550

    Wenonah 17 Spirit II, Ultralight kevlar, black Aluminum Trim, Retail $2999, Sale $2550

    Wenonah 16 Aurora, Ultralight kevlar, silver Aluminum Trim, Retail $2799, Sale $2350

    Wenonah 16'6" Solo Plus, Ultralight kevlar, silver Aluminum Trim, Retail $2899, Sale $2450

    Wenonah 15 Wilderness, Ultralight kevlar, black Aluminum Trim, Retail $2699, Sale $2250

    Wenonah 18 Champlain, Ultralight kevlar, black Aluminum Trim, Retail $3099, Sale $2650

2019 Pre-Season Sale

sale offer runs from August 20th through August 31st. Order any Current Designs Kayak, Wenonah Canoe, and or accessories by August 31st and receive a 17% discount off the listed retail price. ٭٭٭OH YEA, I WILL COVER THE FREIGHT COST AS WELL٭٭٭ Trust me, this is a good deal. All you need to do is place an order for a boat and/or accessories and you will receive a 17% discount

on the total of your order based on published retail pricing. Delivery is expected late May 2019. Prices are FOB to my location in Orange,

Vermont and will require an 80% deposit when you place the order. It is that simple.

Don’t delay, order today. This is a great way to get exactly the boat you want at a very, very reasonable price.

Happy Paddling

2018 Demo stock

I have two new demo boats this year that will be for sale at the end of the season, both are flexcore kelvar, aluminum trim, white

  • Spirit II (retail $2649, sale $1800)and a Champlain(retail $2749, sale $1869)
  • Boats will be available Sept. 1st, require a $100 deposit and are on a first come basis, want a nice slightly used boat at at great price

    This is the deal for you

    Used Boats

    • Fiberglass canoe, unkown manufacturer, good condition, green, new aluminum gunwales and wood webbed seats, $200
    • Mad River Synergy Royalex, tandem whitewater play boat, red, superb shape, wood gunwales, stored undercover, this is a hard to find classic, $900


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    Welcome Paddlers! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert paddler, Hemlock Pete's Ultralight Canoes and Kayaks can help you chose the right equipment so you are ready to achieve your goals - be they for quiet water, rapids, racing, day trips, or camping.

    We specialize in ultralight solutions and offer expertise in canoes, kayaks, and Hornbeck boats, and all the related equipment. Our favorites are Wenonah canoes and Hornbeck boats. Although we also work with traditional-material boats, we like to get folks set up with lightweight canoes and kayaks so you can dedicate your time to the joy of being out on the lakes and rivers instead of struggling to move your boat between car and water.

    Scott Edwards, "Hemlock Pete" himself, offers you decades of paddling expertise. He is friendly, down-to-earth, and provides superior customer service. You won't find a better, or more pleasant, deal elsewhere.

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