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If you are serious about purchasing a canoe or kayak you owe it to yourself to check out Hemlock Pete's Canoes and Kayaks where quality and service are more than a slogan, It's a way of life!!

It was the spring of 1990 when Hemlock Pete's officially opened for business. From day one, the business has flourished and I have not had time to worry about looking back. I attribute the success to a very simple philosophy: quality, service and reasonable prices. When your business is your hobby, this philosophy becomes a simple task.

I have been exposed to paddling all my life in a variety of ways, from marathon racing to wilderness camping. When you have been doing it as long as I have, it is inevitable that you will learn something.

Wilderness camping

When I started the business I had several goals in mind. Number One was to have fun, and so far I have been successful at this. Number Two was to raise money for my children's education????? Number Three, as mentioned above, sell quality. I made a pledge to sell only boats and accessories that I would use myself. Being a demanding person all around, this sets some stiff criteria for my merchandise to meet. I stand fully behind all of the products I sell. If you ever buy a product from me that you are unhappy with, I will do my absoulute best to make it right, PERIOD!

In my opinion, nothing can beat a quality product, although service runs a close second. For me, this is the most enjoyable part of the business. I love nothing better then getting out on the water with someone to demonstrate a particular hull design or to teach them how to paddle. I promote a paddle before you buy philosophy. In fact most times I insist on it. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase then I have failed to do my job correctly.

When you buy a canoe or kayak from Hemlock Pete's you are getting what you deserve, a quality product, at a reasonable price, and whatever service is required to satisfy your needs. I am not a salesman, I am a paddler and my goal is to turn you into one as well!

Getting ready to paddle

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